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This new type of asparagus has many characteristics of green asparagus but offers something new for the asparagus connoisseur. The spears produced by Sweet Purple have several qualities which make it quite different than common green asparagus.

  1. The deep-burgundy coloration produced in these spears is the most striking difference between the purple and green varieties.*

  2. The spears are generally larger and much more tender than its green counterpart. The vascular bundles have less lignin per spear, which make the spears less stringy. This allows the cook to use the entire spear with very little waste.

  3. Sweet purple asparagus has 20% higher sugar content. Because of this extra sweetness, this vegetable is often eaten raw. Some upscale restaurants garnish salads with purple asparagus. When cooked, the sweetness gives this asparagus a mild, nutty flavor.

Growing Tips that are unique to
Sweet Purple Asparagus

  1. Keep the humidity low within the canopy. This variety is susceptible to rust.
    a)  Use drip or buried drip if possible
    b)  avoid use of overhead sprinklers
    c)  Plant rows so that the prevailing 
         winds move down the row, keeping
         the plants drier.

  2. Use mulch and/or pre-emergent herbicides for weed suppression.  Due to lack of fiber in the spears, the fern tends to lie down in the furrows, making weed control difficult. (The lack of fiber in the spears is the reason Sweet Purple is so tender).

* Applying vinegar or lemon juice to spears prior to cooking will help to retain the purple coloration. Otherwise, cooking this variety will result in varying degrees of color loss.


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