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The Ida Lea cultivar of asparagus was developed by Frank Takatori and Frank Southers at the University of California at Riverside for fresh market, green asparagus production in desert climates.  

Ida Lea F1 is an all-green variety, producing a spear that is 10-20% larger than UC 157.  One of the features that sets this variety apart from other asparagus varieties is its ability to maintain a tight, well tapered head in the hottest asparagus production regions in the world.   In normal spring conditions, Ida Lea does not initiate lateral branches until the spear has maintained a height of 12 inches.  This is a highly desirable characteristic in hot climates.

With Ida Lea F1, the grower produces early spears that are all-green, with tight, tapering heads.  The lack of purplish coloring in Ida Lea (like UC 157) helps distinguish it from other asparagus varieties.  Many markets will not accept spears produced with a purplish tint on the heads.

This variety is tolerant of Rust (Puccinia asparagi) and highly tolerant of Fusarium (Fusarium oxysporum).  Seed produced by Cutter Asparagus is tested and found free of Latent Virus 2.   

F2 (open pollinated seed) of Ida Lea asparagus is not true to type, and the resulting plants will exhibit variability.  This results in a lower quality product as well as a shorter-lived field due to break down in tolerance to Fusarium.




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