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516 Young Ave
Arbuckle, CA 95912 - USA
Phone: (530) 476-3647
Fax: (530) 476 2422


The Cutter Asparagus Seed Company is located in Arbuckle, California. We are fully licensed by the University of California to produce UC 157 F1 and Ida Lea F1 hybrid asparagus seed. We have also developed our own line of purple asparagus called Sweet Purple. Every year, our fields are inspected and certified by the California Crop Improvement Association (CCIA). All of our seed fields are located over 35 miles from the nearest asparagus spear production field. This gives us complete isolation from unknown asparagus pollen, allowing us to produce a very clean and pure hybrid asparagus seed. Stan and Nancy Cutter started Cutter Asparagus Seed in 1991 after realizing the great demand for high quality hybrid asparagus seed. Cutter Asparagus has a breeding program underway in search of newer, improved varieties to better meet the world demand for high quality asparagus. Our seed is currently marketed throughout the world on 6 of the 7 continents. (Antarctica, being a tough market to enter).


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